Varsity Letter in Community Service

  • Earn a Varsity Letter in Community Service! Students who volunteer 250 or more hours of service while in high school can earn their school varsity letter, the same as those earned by athletes and musicians. Students may earn this award once during their high school career.

    Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

    • Be a student in grades 9-12 in a North Thurston Public Schools
    • Complete at least 250 hours of verifiable community service from Sept 1 of your 9th grade year through April 1 of your 12th grade year (not including hours needed for graduation)
    • Have at least 100 hours of service with a single organization or school to demonstrate commitment to a specific cause or activity
    • Have at least one NTPS school-related service activity
    • Meet the 2.5 GPA requirement
    • Complete a short reflection on your experiences in volunteer service

    Want to apply?

    • Download an application (PDF)
    • Complete the application by printing neatly in ink
    • Make a copy of your entire application for your records
    • Applications must be received by April 14, 2023 (submit by mail, email, or deliver in person)

    Submission addresses:

    North Thurston Public Schools
    Volunteer Services
    305 College Street NE
    Lacey, WA 98516

    What to expect after you apply:

    • You will be notified upon receipt of your application via email or phone by April 21, 2023
    • You will be notified of your award status no later than May 5, 2023
    • Varsity Letters will be awarded in late May or early June, and must be picked up at your school

    Questions? or (360) 412-4451 

Award Recipients

Varsity Letter FAQ

  • Can I earn more than one Letter in Community Service?

  • What if I have already earned a school letter for a different activity?

  • What type of volunteer work counts as a school-related activity and how many hours do I need?

  • Can I count hours volunteered with my church?

  • Can I count hours volunteered on a church mission trip?

  • Can I count hours volunteered as a camp counselor?

  • Can I count hours from school club activities?

  • Can I count hours volunteered with an organization that I am a member of (ex. Boy/Girl Scouts)?

  • Can I count hours volunteered as a sports manager with my school’s team?

  • Can I count hours volunteered babysitting or performing yard or house work?

  • Can I count hours volunteered fostering animals through a non-profit animal agency?

  • Can one of my guardians be the contact for the verification of my volunteer hours?

  • Can I count community service hours required for a class toward a Varsity Letter?

  • Can I count hours spent job-shadowing?

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