Policy Governance Monitoring Reports

  • Through Policy Governance, the Board of Directors embraces its role by establishing the vision for the District, advocating for public education, and serving its community by adopting Ends Policies and Executive Limitations Policies. Accountability for achieving the goals outlined in the policies is accomplished through monitoring reports which are presented for review, feedback, and approval at Board meetings.

Goal 1: Success in the Early Years

Goal 2: Responsible, Resilient, Empowered Learners

Goal 3: Critical Thinkers and Solution Seekers

Goal 4: Continuous Growth -- All Students, All Subjects

Goal 5: Preparedness for Post-Secondary Success

EL-1: General Executive Control

EL-2: Financial Planning & Budgeting

EL-3: Financial Condition Annual Reports

EL-4: Asset & Facilities Protection

EL-5: Vendor Relationships & Procurement

EL-6: Signing Authority & Authorization of Expenditures

EL-7: Human Relations and Staff Relations

EL-8: Staff Conduct & Transparency

EL-9: Relationship with Students, Parents, Guardians, and the Public

EL-10: Academic Standards and Practices

EL-10.5: Advanced Academic Program

EL-11 Race and Equity

EL-12: Student Conduct and Discipline

EL-13: Communications, Reporting, and Support to the Board

EL-14: Corporate Identity, Communication, and Public Image

EL-15: Emergency Executive Succession Plan