Meet the NSP Specialist

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    Nim Hoyoish Jerad Koepp and I'm proud to be the NTPS Native Student Program Specialist. I'm a certificated History and Social Studies teacher who specialized in Indian Education while earning my Master in Teaching degree at the Evergreen State College. I'm the third generation of Indian Educators in my family and after graduation, taught in tribal schools and high Native population public schools. I'm Mono/Yokut but specifically I'm a proud Wukchumni. Like many California tribes, we're small (roughly 200) and unrecognized. Our traditional lands are east of Visalia, CA in the Sierra Nevada foothills and into Sequioa State Park though some of us live on the Tule River Reservation. Though I grew up in Eastern Washington, my culture was always around me.

    I've long been an advocate for Native education and Native students in and out of the classroom and it is a pleasure to work for a district that is incredibly supportive, culturally forward, and academically engaging. When it comes to supporting Native students, their families, and our staff the doors are always open. I have the joy of wearing many hats and meeting many different students throughout the district in my job. Please call or email whether you're a teacher looking cultural support or teaching materials/support, a Native student who needs help passing English, a Kindergartner who needs a box of crayons, or a senior looking for Native scholarships. I'm here for you.

    Jerad Koepp