Grants Management Office

  • North Thurston Public Schools’ Grants Management Office assists teachers, principals, and district staff in seeking and securing grant funds for General Fund projects benefitting students, families, and staff.

    All grant applications are developed in collaboration with the Grants Management Office to ensure proposals are aligned with NTPS strategic priorities and meet compliance standards. Staff interested in applying for grant funding must submit the NTPS Grant Authorization Form (download below) to Financial Services for review at least 14 days before the grant due date. No applications can be submitted prior to District Office approval.
    NTPS pursues competitive and formula (non-competitive) grant funding from federal, state, and local government agencies as well as nonprofit and private organizations. Grants generate approximately 20% of the district’s annual budget.

    Note: Online funding campaigns (, GoFundMe,, etc.) are not NTPS-approved funding platforms.
    Jennifer Carrougher
    Grants Analyst
    (360) 412-4901 (x40147)

Grant Forms

Grant FAQ

  • Why is the Grant Authorization Form required?

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  • Is the form needed for OSPI or federal agency grant applications?

  • Can I create an online funding campaign (, GoFundMe, etc)?

  • What happens if I don’t submit the Grant Authorization Form?

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