Small Group Learning

  • Teacher-Led Activities

    1. Advisory - Each Monday, advisory teachers help your student transition to middle school, get organized, study effectively,  and make new friends. Lessons include specific instruction on school and classroom expectations, organization methods and study skills, and social/emotional learning through the Character Strong program.
    2. Club Time or Core Support - On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students with passing grades are invited to join club time, which might include art, dance, chess, and other fun activities. Students who are not passing classes will be automatically assigned to a core support or homework completion group.

    Counselor-Led Activities

    The School Counselor and Mental Health Specialist also offer small group learning activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays during advisory time.

    1. Academic Support - This group provides students with the skills needed to monitor their own progress using Chromebooks and the Canvas course management system.
    2. Stress Management - This group provides students with the skills needed to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety by learning healthy coping skills.
    3. Team Building - This group provides an opportunity to play games (indoors), meet new friends, and build important social/emotional skills.