Welcome to the Aspire Counseling Office

  • Aspire's Counseling Office provides a variety of counseling and student support services for all students at Aspire Middle School, including individual and small group counseling, disability support, restorative justice, peer mediation, and referrals to important school and community resources.

    Parents may contact the front office or Mrs. Vining-Gonzalez directly to schedule appointments. Students may request an appointment by coming to the office to fill out a green appointment request slip.

Mental Health Specialist

Guidance Counselor


  • School counseling services are generally considered confidential services. However, there are some important exceptions to the general rule of confidentiality. These exceptions include:

    1. When a parent or student requests that information be shared to help facilitate the educational process at school.
    2. Any time the parent or student (over 13 years of age) signs a release of information (ROI) to share information between healthcare providers and the school.
    3. If child abuse or neglect is suspected. In these cases, mandated reporting laws require the counselor to share the suspicion with the police or CPS.
    4. If a student reports a desire to seriously harm themselves or someone else. In these cases, the counselor is required by law to break confidentiality in an attempt to protect the student and/or others from harm.
    5. Whenever incidents of bullying, sexual harassment, and dating violence are reported. Most of these fall under Title IX or other federal and state laws as being illegal and requiring administrator interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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