Kory Kumar

  • I encourage parents to read with their child at home.  If you would prefer printable resources, the following links provide free, grade leveled academic content in all areas.  I use the website routinely to find supplemental work for my studnets.  Also, part of all student's learning is around the use of technology and in aquiring 21st Century skills.  I encourage you to have your student engage in keyboarding activities, and in talking about multiple ways to solve problems.  Often tests require students to articulate how they solved something.  The more familiar, and practiced your student becomes with being comfortable articulating thier thinking, the more prepared they will be for all types of academic tasks.




    The following websites allow parents and teacher to create free student accounts.  These websites will provide your student with access to grade level common core learning opportunities and practice as well.  If you have any difficulty creating these accounts, I am happy to provide assistance.





  • Hello!  I am the Intermediate Grade (3rd - 5th) Special Education teacher.  I have worked at South Bay for the past 13 years.  Prior to joining the North Thurston Public School family I taught at Stahl Junior High, grades 7 - 9, in the Puyallup Public School District.  I also taught in a full inclusion 5th grade classroom at Greenbriar Elementary School, in the Chesapeake Public School District, in Chesapeake, Virginia.  This is my 16th year of teaching special education.


    I recevied my Bachelor's Degree in Science with a major in Psychology, and a minor in K-12 Special Eduation, which emphasized in working with student students who have emotional behavior disorders, and specific learning disabilities, from Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, Virginia in 2001.  I revevied my Master's Degree in Integrating Curriculum, from the University of Washington in 2007.  I have completed course work toward my Doctorate Degree with Walden University, focusing on Curriculum, Instructional Design and Professional Development.  


    Outside of school I enjoy competitive horse showing, and spending time with my family.

  • 8:25-9:10  Social Skills Support/Groups

    9:10-9:50 5th Grade ELA Support/Groups

    10:00-10:30 4th Grade ELA Support/Groups & 3rd Grade Math Support Group

    10:35-11:10 5th Grade Math Group & 3rd Grade Math Support Group

    11:15-12:00 4th Grade Math Groups & 3rd Grade Reading Support Group

    12:10-12:40 Lunch

    12:40-1:20 Planning Time

    1:20-1:50 5th Grade Math Support & 3rd Grade ELA Support

    1:50-2:15 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Writing Support Groups

    2:15-2:55 Social Skills Support/In Class Student Support & 4th Grade Writing Groups