NTPS Military Staff Spotlight

  • Military BranchesWelcome to this month’s Military Staff Spotlight. We would like to show our military families just how deeply embedded our district is with the military. This month we would like to honor: Dottie Wilson

Dottie Wilson

  • Dottie Wilson, Horizons Washington Reading Corps Member, is this month’s Military Connected Staff Spotlight! Dottie comes from a long line of a military family. Both Dottie’s parents were in the military, her father was Army/Marines, her mother, Woman’s Air Corps, her sister was a Marine, along with Uncles and cousins. Dottie first joined the Air Force in 1989, as she lost her way and needed to gain stability and a sense of purpose. While in the service, Dottie was able to travel all over the world. Her duty stations were Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Michigan, Plattsburg Air Force Base, New York, Kleine Brogel Air Force Base, Belgium, and Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. During the time Dottie was stationed in Belgium, she met her future husband, Ray Wilson, who at the time was also in the Air Force. Ray Wilson, is an Army Brat and grew up in Belgium. Dottie soon received orders to go back to the states and their relationship grew fonder over time. After being together for five years, they married while stationed in Texas, where Ray was stationed. They had two boys Avery, who was born in Belgium, and Bryce, who was born in England. Both whom attend North Thurston Public Schools. Dottie’s favorite military experience is traveling around the world and having the time of her life with the friends she met along the way. As Dottie recalls some of those everlasting memories, she giggled, smiled and spoke of the carefree spirit of being young. Dottie’s job is working with Kindergartners and loves that for the past two years she’s making a difference and feeling useful. She is a perfect fit to Horizons Elementary with her wonderful smile and outgoing nature. Dottie and Ray take joy in cooking. Exploring new and diverse recipes for the family is a precious time they share together. Thank you to both Dottie and her husband Ray, who served our country. 

    Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do- AIR FORCE

Dottie's Military Photos

  • Dottie Wilson  



  • Do you know someone in your building that serves or served our country? If you would to nominate a staff member, please send your nomination to Aperez@nthurston.k12.wa.us