Meet Our School Board

District 1 - Gretchen Maliska - President

  • Gretchen Maliska Gretchen Maliska has been a strong community leader in education and an active parent in North Thurston Public Schools since 2006.

    As a mother of five boys, including two graduates of North Thurston Public Schools, Gretchen has always been a strong advocate for K-12 education and inclusion.  

    Growing up in Washington state, Gretchen learned the value of public education through participation in the performing arts, leadership, and much more. 

    In turn, she has devoted herself to giving back to students as an active community volunteer for more than 25 years, serving leadership roles in youth sports, multicultural and equity groups, career and technical clubs, North Thurston Citizens for Schools, and our Board of Directors.    

    Gretchen’s life experience with a blended family has helped her lead through multiple lenses, including Special Education and College in the High School programs, athletics, arts and activities, and mental health. Gretchen believes in celebrating and honoring differences and addressing the individual needs of every child to help them achieve success.   

    She is currently the Director of Career Connected Learning in a neighboring school district, where she provides opportunities for students to discover their career passion and enter the industry with recognized credentials in vocational disciplines (such as Natural Resources, Health Sciences, Mechatronics, and Business & Marketing). Gretchen believes there is a graduation pathway for everyone and is proud to support a K-12 system where students can discover passions and talents they can later use in the workforce. 

    Gretchen is dedicated to the success of all students in our district and understands that partnerships with families, staff, and leadership are crucial in making this happen.

    “Our community is very diverse in opinions, ethnicities, and experiences. My hope is that we can seek to understand each other respectfully and work together, so our students are the top priority,” said Maliska, who is grateful for the excellent education three of her sons have received from this district. “It is a privilege to work with district leaders and staff who are committed to our community. Every child deserves to feel included and welcome in North Thurston Public Schools.” 


    District 1 Map (PDF) Board term expires November 2023

District 2 - Tiffany Sevruk

  • Tiffany SevrukTiffany Sevruk has strong connections to our community as a parent, volunteer, and alumna. She attended North Thurston Public Schools and graduated from Timberline High School. She went on to earn her B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington and started her career in the state Legislature.

    “I’m committed to providing students with more options based on their needs and developing additional services to better prepare them for college, work, vocational school, or entrepreneurship,” she said.

    Tiffany herself has used her own knowledge, experience, and skills in a variety of jobs, including the state Senate, the Governor’s Executive Policy Office, and as Legislative Coordinator for the Aging and Disability Services Administration. With a background in budgets and public policy, she went on to become a tax and financial consultant and eventually began investing in real estate. “I still enjoy helping others, advising small business owners and non-profits, as well as mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.”

    Tiffany is very active in our community and has held leadership positions in several organizations. She was part of the Core Team to establish the Thurston County Coalition Against Trafficking and has been a volunteer instructor for a non-profit that teaches personal finance in low-income schools and learning centers. She also served as a Board Director and Treasurer for a private PreK-8 school.

    “Through my professional and volunteer experience, I’ve seen firsthand how much we can achieve with a shared goal when we listen to each other and work together,” she said.

    Tiffany is a lifelong resident of Thurston County. She and her husband have one son, who attends NTPS.


    District 2 Map (PDF) Board term expires November 2025

District 3 - Dr. Jennifer S. Thomas - Vice President

  • Dr. Jennifer S. Thomas Jennifer Thomas is proud to represent all students and families in North Thurston Public Schools! Jennifer is a passionate advocate for children from all backgrounds.

    As a mother of five children, a nurse and educator, an Asian-American woman, and a military spouse, Jennifer’s diverse life experiences have allowed her to recognize the power of inclusivity through advocacy and modeled behavior. She also understands the importance of inclusion and removing barriers to learning.

    Compassion and care are also a big part of Jennifer’s leadership. “As a nurse, I come with a unique perspective of care that encompasses a holistic view. I find great value in seeing things from a socio-ecological lens, beginning with the individual, then moving to interpersonal relations, organizational impact, community support, and public policy.” She strives to listen, learn and advocate for an education that will prepare students to become active global citizens.

    Jennifer has served on the School Board since March 2021 and still has work to do! Her vision is to continue guiding decisions and policies that will have the greatest positive impact on our younger generations. She is committed to high-quality teaching and mentorship, investing in our staff, and a compassionate school system based on accountability, diversity, and trust.


    District 3 Map (PDF)  Board term expires November 2025

District 4 - Graeme Sackrison

  • Graeme Sackrison Graeme Sackrison has a long history in our community as a graduate, parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent in North Thurston Public Schools, and as a past mayor of Lacey! He has served on the School Board since 2015.

    Graeme understands the importance of providing a public education system that allows all students to succeed. “Equity is crucial,” he said. “We are continuously working to eliminate barriers to learning. This is an evolving process, but we must keep moving forward.”

    Graeme moved to the area with his family in 1956 and first attended Lacey Grade School, formerly on the site of the Safeway on Carpenter Road. He then attended North Thurston High School, where he was a member of the track and swimming teams. Following graduation in 1962, he attended Centralia Community College for two years before transferring to Western Washington State College, graduating with a degree in economics and business in 1966.

    After college graduation, he spent four years in the United States Air Force. Upon discharge, he worked for the Employment Security Department, spending most of his career as the legislative liaison for the department before retiring in 1998.

    In the community, Graeme spent 13 years on the Lacey City Council, including three two-year terms as Mayor. During that time, he worked collaboratively with North Thurston Public Schools on a variety of projects, including the Lacey Electrathon race at Huntamer Park and as an advisor to the North Thurston High School auto shop.

    “A strong Career Tech Education program helps those students who want to follow a different path than a 4-year university,” said Graeme. “It also helps our community because there is demand for those with CTE skills. I’ve spent time doing construction work, auto repair/modification, and more. The work is there, and the pay is good!”

    Graeme and his wife, Cinda Sackrison, have been married for over 30 years. As a retiree, Graeme enjoys serving his community. He is an active member of Lacey MakerSpace; a member of the Gateway Rotary and Generations Credit Union.


    District 4 Map (PDF) Board term expires November 2023

District 5 - Dave Newkirk

  • Dave Newkirk Dave Newkirk is an active community leader, involved parent, and a proud product of North Thurston Public Schools! He attended Olympic View Elementary, Nisqually Middle School, and graduated from Timberline High School. The son of a U.S. Army father, Dave grew up both in the United States and abroad. Living overseas in a military family has enriched his understanding and appreciation of people from all walks of life and cultures. After graduation, Dave joined the United States Marine Corps, where he served six honorable years before returning to Lacey and setting his roots. He currently works at a regional engineering firm.

    Dave ran for a Board position to give a common voice to all members of society. He treats all people with great respect and values everything that is brought to his attention. He firmly believes that the greatest leaders listen to all sides and weigh all outcomes before making any decisions. Respect and kindness run deep within Dave’s values, and he strives every day to demonstrate both to everyone he meets.

    Volunteering is a huge part of Dave’s life. He firmly believes in the phrase "Service Above Self" and is a current member and past President of the Hawks Prairie Rotary. He has volunteered for many other great local organizations, including coaching youth football, basketball, baseball, and soccer and volunteering for schools and the local levy and bond campaigns. Throughout his childhood and while serving his country, Dave has never lost sight of finding a greater purpose and lending a helping hand.

    “There is no greater purpose than helping our children succeed. All children deserve a great public education. We must meet our children where they are and work tirelessly to build them up,” Newkirk said. “Not all children learn the same way; it is the job of an educator to find ways to teach all children, no matter what their hurdles may be. Our children are our future, and I am honored to be able to work alongside the many great people of our community to ensure that our District will always be able to provide a great learning environment for our children.”

    Dave and his wife have two sons and two daughters, all of whom have attended or will be attending various NTPS schools. He is vested in this community and is very proud to serve fellow citizens and represent local taxpayers and families of North Thurston Public Schools.


    District 5 Map (PDF) Board term expires November 2023

Student Advisors

  • As part of our Strategic Plan to provide more opportunities for student voice, the district is proud to have student advisors (1 per high school [5 in total] 2 or 3 student advisors per semester) serve as non-voting members of our School Board!

    Students are selected by their high school principal and receive an orientation session provided by the superintendent (or designee) and a member of the Board of Directors. Their responsibilities include adherence to personal standards of behavior and regular school attendance, regular attendance at Board meetings, studying Board materials in advance, and providing student perspective on current issues when requested by the Board. Student Advisors are also asked to speak to selected topics at the conclusion of Board meetings, during the agenda section “Items from the Student Advisors.”

    Qualifications: The student must be entering their junior or senior year at the time of selection and in good academic standing, and maintain good academic standing throughout their term. Selected students should also have a history of leadership and involvement in extracurricular and civic activities. 

Nadia Kudrin

  • Nadia Kudrin is currently a student at Envision Career Academy and previously attended school in Tacoma. Their favorite classes are algebra and business, and they are looking forward to joining Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). They currently volunteer as a Big Brothers, Big Sisters mentor at Chinook Middle School and like music (singing), work, and going on adventures with friends. Their plans after graduation are to study business and finance.

Eliora-Margaret Kwakye

  • Eliora-Margaret Kwakye currently attends Summit Virtual Academy, and their favorite subject is psychology. They are a figure skater, a tech tutor volunteer, and Disney Dreamers Academy alumni. They hope to join the library teen council and enjoy reading, writing, listening to music, playing instruments, and learning about anything related to psychology/cognitive science. After graduation, they plan to major in psychology and either get a PhD, go to law school, or do both!