Classroom Information

  • Homework:

    Homework will not be given this year. As a second grade team, we have decided to give back to the family! We spend much time in class going over curriculum and feel your child is getting all they need during school hours. Please do have them read each night for 20 min. and you could work on fact practice. Unhomework is a great way to have fun with your child and reward them for time spent with family! See next.


    The unhomework is something fun you can do with your child during the week! This page is NOT required. It is something extra. There are activities you can do with your child such as going on a walk, talking about a specific topic, and so much more. After your child completes one of these activities on the list, sigh the attached ticket. These tickets are due on Monday. On Monday, I will draw 2 lucky winners for a special in class prize! Students that participate in the Unhomework are the only students that are able to be pulled. Again, you can choose not to participate in this portion of the homework. My goal with this is to have you and your child experience some more bonding time together during the week!

    Fun Friday:

    We will be having fun Friday each Friday afternoon. This is a great time to take a break from the busy school week! Your child can only participate in this activity if his/her homework is turned in on that Friday morning. If they have not turned in homework, they will not be able to participate. There will be extra homework packets that they will work on instead.


    Your child will be bringing home a folder each day. They are required to turn this in each morning. Please check it nightly. There may be information for you, graded papers, or nothing even! If the folder is empty, I still require students to turn it in.

    Friday journals:

    I hope you love these! Each Friday, your child will write a note to you about their week. They will bring this journal home on Friday. You will then read their entry, write your own in response, and they will bring it in on Monday. If they have a written response from you in the journal, they get a sticker of their choice for the cover. By the end of the year, they should have a great journal covered in stickers that holds communication between the two of you! If you are unablek to sign it or your child doesn't turn it in on Monday, there will be no sticker for the cover. This is the only consequence. I want to be sure you are up to date on what your child is learning from their point of view.