NTPS Budget

  • The recent legislative decision to raise the local levy lid to $2.50 per $1,000 will allow our district to maintain the quality education programs our community has come to expect, while retaining our teachers and staff. Budget considerations for 2019-20 also include reviewing cost-saving measures, such as department budget reductions and attrition, and use of some of our fund balance. The NTPS budget is prepared in accordance with the laws and legal requirements of the school district board, Washington state and the federal government. The budget is a document that reflects our values and directs limited resources to achieve the goals described in our strategic plan. Check back here for budget updates. Email your budget questions to communityrelations@nthurston.k12.wa.us

Budget Process Timeline 2019-2020

  • January / February

    • Enrollment Projections - how many students are enrolled at NTPS?
    • Legislative Sesssion beings January 14th - we watch this closely as they make decisions that affect our funding.

    March / April

    • Analyze Certified staffing with principals & directors - teacher staffing needs
    • Analyze Classified staffing with principals & directors - other staffing needs
    • Analyze Department budgets - initial projected budget amounts given to departments

    May / June

    • Once all departments and schools communicate staffing needs, we send this total personnel budget to Human Resources.
    • All departments and schools send us their final budgets based upon amounts given in March/April.
    • Finalize fee schedule (lunches and other fees) and send schedule to Board.

    July / August

    • Budgets from all departments and schools, including staffing, are compiled and sent as a draft to the Board.
    • The Board reviews the draft, and a presentation of the draft budget is held in July.
    • In August, the Board holds a public hearing and adoption of the 2019-20 budget.

Budget FAQ

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