• Assignments for the week of 3/12 through 3/16 (Algebra 1 Block has same assignments, plus support assignments listed for 6th period):

    Monday (3/12) - Mixed review worksheet #4 - "solving/graphing one-step and two-step linear inequalities with one variable" (including review of graphing solutions to single variable linear inequalities and finding solutions to same from a graph on the number line).
                               - Notes on solving 2-step inequalities (in between parts of worksheet)
                            Homework:  Finish worksheet
                   6th per. Block - Finish worksheet ----Rally "Expert" Coach method with partners
    Tuesday (3/13) - Quiz 5C - Retention/Review quiz on steps for solving multi-step equations (Unit 5)
                               -  Homework review with partner
                               -  Notes on Solving multi-step inequalities
                            Homework:  None
                   6th per. block:     Mixed Review worksheet - "Solving/Graphing multi-step inequalities #5
                                                 "Rally Table" practice activity with partner

    Wednesday (3/14) -     Quiz 9a -  Solving/graphing 2-step inequalities      

                                        -     Mixed Review Worksheets #5 and #6 - solving/graphing multi-step linear inequalities with one variable (including review of  solving one-step and two-step inequalities) - Rally "Expert" Coach.
                               Homework:  Finish worksheets
                   6th per block:  Finish worksheet #6 - Additional practice with partners
    Thursday (3/15) -   Mixed Review Worksheet #7 - solving/graphing multi-step linear inequalities with one variable
                                     "Rally Table" partner activitiy
                               Homework:   Finish worksheet
                   6th period block:  Finish worksheet - additional practice with partners
    Friday (3/16) -  Quiz 9b - Solving/graphing multi-step inequalities
                                Urban Cab Taxi word problem - partner practice
                               Notes on graphing linear inequalities with 2 variables (y = mx + b).
                               Class Graph Activity (9-24 in textbook).
                               Practice graphing linear inequalitites with 2 variables (Textbook section 9-26, #s a,b,c and d)
                            Homework:  None
                   6th period block:  Additional practice graphing 2-variable inequalities
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