How to get free access to RB Digital

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    Do you like free ebooks and audiobooks? Here’s a reminder about one of our recently improved (and free) services: RBDigital

    Our NTPS RBDigital account allows you to access to thousands of free ebooks and audiobooks for enjoyment on your personal device. To find out more, follow these instructions:

    • Visit the RBDigital registration page
    • For our district Access Code contact the librarian
    • Create your account
    • Once your account is created, download the RBDigital app for free from your device’s store (iTunes, Google Play, etc.)
    • Follow the installation instructions on the app (Note: North Thurston Public Schools appears as ‘North Thurston County Public Schools’ on the menu)
    • Need extra help? Check out a video of this process
    • That’s it! Enjoy!