Ms. Harris

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    Room: 24
    Subject: First Grade
    The best way to contact me is email.
    "One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”   -Malala Yousafzai

Professional Biography

  • From Tiny Seeds Grow Mighty Trees

    My focus is to develop a love of learning in all my students and to grow skills that make a positive difference in their own life and the lives of others. My hope is that all families see me as their partner in their child's educational development and well-being.

    Commitment to Equity

    Our classroom includes students from diverse cultures, abilities, beliefs, socioeconomic statuses, and so much more. Equity in education refers to valuing students’ diverse life experiences and designing education that allows every child to engage and be active participants in their learning. I am committed to planning all lessons with equity in mind. Some of the ways I do this is by differentiating instruction based on student needs, ensuring that students see themselves reflected in what they are learning, appreciating the differing beliefs and values of families, presenting historical information accurately and from an anti-racist lens, and by providing a learning environment that is academically rigorous for every student. To prepare students for their future participation in a global workforce, our classroom family has daily discussions about social-emotional learning, developing character strengths, and appreciating diversity of thought, skills, race and culture. Like my students, I am a learner. Students teach me about their unique interests and needs and I strive to include those precious gems into our lessons. To further my own learning, I am also a member of Meadows' Equity Team, Equity Advisory Council of NTPS, and the Minoritized Educators Roundtable of NTPS.


    I received my Bachelor's from Pepperdine University and my Master's in Teaching Elementary Education from City University of Seattle. I have taught first, second, seventh and eighth grade. I enjoy every grade but I especially love the joy and curiosity that first graders bring to the classroom. I have traveled to seven countries and have visited thirteen U.S. National Parks. I love nature, art, dancing, reading, music, culture and laughing and include my interests into our learning whenever I can. I'm thrilled to be at Meadows teaching the future of humanity.