New Market Transportation Information

  • North Thurston Public Schools provides courtesy, non-funded transportation to New Market Skills Center. The following are the times we do not have buses available to take students to and from New Market. Parents and students are responsible for their own transportation on those dates.

    NO SCHOOL = NO New Market Transportation

    Early Release

    • AM/Session 1 – From Home High School to NMSC and back to Home High School.
    • PM/Session 2 – From Home High School to NMSC ONLY (no trip back).

    Half Days

    • AM/Session 1 – From Home High School to NMSC. Students will be released at 9:40 AM from NMSC and returned to their home High School.
    • PM/Session 2No transportation to or from NMSC. 

TAG Program Transportation Information

  • If you are interested in receiving AM bus service from a bus stop that is located within one mile of your home to the Talented & Gifted (TAG) program at Lakes Elementary, please fill out the T.A.G Transportation Request below and return to the Transportation Office. This form has to be filled out every year that your child is apart of the TAG program. 
    PM transportation from Lakes is a double shuttle system. The students shuttle on a bus from Lakes Elementary to their local elementary school, and then ride a regular bus route home from that school.
    Notifications for bus stops are sent out in August before the school year starts. 
    If you have any question please feel free to contact the Transportation Office at 360-412-4545