North Thurston Swim Team Rules

    1. All Rules and regulations as stated in the WIAA / NTPS Athletic Code Handbook
      • This code includes but is not limited to:
        • Swimmers/Divers must attend school on a day of a swim meet unless previously administration. (school functions, expectional family requests)
        • Minimum grade requirement: GPA of 2.0 and passing 5 classes. Checked biweekly.
        • Prohibits the use of tobacco, alcohol, cannibis (or to associate with individuals using)
        • Prohibits the use of performance-enhancing drugs.
        • Encourages the use of performance-enhancing workouts at every opportunity.
    2. Must maintain respectful attitude and actions toward your school, team, competitors, and coaches.
    3. Any action that endangers the personal safety of yourself, training partners, competitors, or coaches results in immediate dismissal from the team.
    4. Dishonest behavior such as lying, theft, or damaging equipment results in dismissal.
    5. Swimmers will not be allowed to participate in a meet if they miss practice the day before a meet without communicating an acceptable reason with the coach before missing practice.
    6. Participation is required at all regular workouts and all meets unless excused. Excused absences are situations that must include communication with the coach about illness, injury, teacher's request, or family obligations. Most other reasons like sleeping too late on Saturday mornings, homework, or jobs are unexcused.

Varsity Letter

    1. Varsity swimmers must maintain team status ALL season: see rules and schedule.
    2. Participate in 90% of the planned practices.
    3. Participate in the Conference Champs, and if qualified compete at District Championship meet,  and if qualified at the State Championship Meets.
    4. Earn a minimum of  20 varsity points during the regular season.**
      • Individual points at dual meets are given by place: 6-4-3-2-1-0. 
      • Each relay member shares one quarter of the relay place points: 8-4-2-0 ( 2-1-½-0 per person).

    A varsity letter will be awarded to any swimmer or diver with enough practices that scores in the Conference Championship meet (top16) even if that person has not scored 20 regular season points.

Team Goals

    • Give 100% mental and physical effort at all workouts and meets.
    • Know your personal best race times.  Strive to improve them at every meet.
    • Set realistic short term and long term time goals.  Do what it takes at practice to achieve them.
    • Study diligently and earn top grades. 
    • Be a champion in mind and spirit.
Last Modified on July 11, 2017