• Letter to My Students

    Wednesday, September 9, 2020



    How are you doing? Welcome to the start of another new school year.  Let me tell you a few things about who I am both as your teacher and as a person outside of school.

    My legal name is Terri Lynn Bader, but I go by many different titles; Grandma, dear, Yaya, Mrs. Bader, momma, Bestie, and Aunt Crazy just to name a few. I grew up in Aberdeen, Washington, but I have lived in Olympia for the past 33 years. I graduated from J. M. Weatherwax High School, better known as Aberdeen High School – Go BOBCATS!    I earned my Associate of Arts degree from Grays Harbor Community College, my Bachelor of Arts in Education degree from Western Washington University, and my Master’s in Teaching, with an emphasis on Curriculum Design and Instruction from Leslie University.

    I do have technology at home, in the form of a laptop and a tablet, both with internet access (and in the form of my spouse – who is a computer guy). I’m pretty good at PowerPoints, WORD, and email… other than that I’m not so good… but I am continually trying to improve my skills. I’m working on integrating Google and Canvas into my knowledge bank and I may ask some of you for help if I get stuck.

    I teach here at Timberline for several reasons but the most important is that I love my job and the people I work with! I love teaching courses and sharing information that can have a lasting and lifelong impact on my students. The information I share is practical and useful to my students today and in their futures.

    I am excited to learn about you; what is important to each of you? What are you excited about? What concerns do you have? How best can we work together to have an awesome semester?

    I have so many plans for my future. I have three bucket lists I’m working on; one of my own, one with my husband, and one with our best friends. In my future I hope to retire young enough, healthy enough, and with enough money to do all of the things I haven’t yet knocked off my list. I plan on hanging out with my family and friends and traveling near and far. I love motorhome trips and being on (and in) the water. I want to hang out with my grandchildren and support them in whatever they choose to do.  And I plan on sleeping in.

    As a learner I work best using a combination of strategies. I am a kinesthetic visual auditory learner. I have to see it, hear it, write it, and do it in order to learn it, and I have to practice multiple times to retain it. “It” can be almost everything. I like to brainstorm and work in groups or with a partner, but I work best alone because I am somewhat of a perfectionist.

    I expect from you many great things. I expect you to live a full life. I expect you to use the information you learn to make informed decisions. I expect you treat yourself and others with kindness, respect, compassion, and dignity. And I expect to get some great questions!

    In my spare time I do all kinds of things. I LOVE concerts; I’ve knocked every one off of my bucket list so from here on out, it’s just seeing who I want to see and deciding where I want to see them! I LOVE football! I love building stuff. I love going places. I love playing games; card games, dice games, board games. I love arsty craft projects. I love hanging out with my kids and my grandkids, and I love hanging out with our friends. Truth is, with everything I do, I don’t really have much free time…. (My children say my husband and I suffer from “FOMO”!)

    I am presently the co-advisor for the graduating class of 2022. I am also the advisor for FCCLA; a service club (you should consider joining; I feed you!), I water ski, snow ski, wake surf, and once in a while I make it to the gym to attend yoga sessions or do my standard workout. I do love attending sporting events and I try to go to at least one competition of every Timberline sport, and a performance of every Timberline performing arts group.

    Perhaps the most influential event in my life happened exactly one month to the day after my 16th birthday. I made a choice that impacted my life and the lives of everyone who knew and loved me. Maybe one day before the end of the semester I will share with you. Even to this day it is hard to talk about without “kind of losing it”.

    Last but certainly not least is a tough one; “My favorite thing about being a Blazer”. There are so many things I love about this place and the people who fill it. I love my students – I feel you all give me energy and help keep my on top of my game. I love my co-workers – some are like family to me. I love all of the activities and events that are going on in and around Timberline, for both the students and the staff. And I love that I get to teach subjects here that I love sharing. 

    I know this one wasn’t on the paper, but my advice to each and every one of you:

    • Find that thing that you love doing, and do it.
    • Get involved in something – anything.
    • Be an active participant in your own life.
    • And learn to live with your “glass half full”; it’s way easier to be happy – seriously, it takes less energy and everybody just looks better with a smile and a happy attitude.
      • Besides, it makes people wonder what you’re up to and what you know that they don’t!

    I hope I haven’t taken up too much of your time. I’m sincerely looking forward to getting to know and work with each of you this semester.

    So for now, Peace!

    Mrs. Bader

    One more thing you should know... I'm generally pretty easy going and I approach every day as a new day... I don't hold grudges or judge, I do however have a couple pet peeves and hovering around the door before being excused is one of my biggest... Just sayin'...

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