Peter Annis

  • Rooms: Nisqually Portable-8/9; Olympic View-Portable 3
    Subjects: Choir; Music Appreciation; Band
    Phone: (360) 412-4770 ex. 37808


    Nisqually Middle School: 
    • Con Brio
    • Cantori
    • Sonous
    • Chamber Choir
    • Music Appreciation 
    Olympic View Elementary:
    • 5th Grade Band

Professional Biography

  • I grew up in the greater Olympia area, attending Yelm High School before earning my BA in Music from Whitworth University.  At the time, I was not planning on teaching, though I've always suspected I'd end up in a career that involved developing the skills and knowledge of young people.

    My love for teaching began with a love for learning.  Truly gifted teachers can teach students to love learning, and I was fortunate to have several such teachers.  They inspired me to seek my own growth and curiosity as far as I could.  I am thankful to no end for their investment in me and and my classmates.  We are indebted to their tireless efforts.

    My goal is to be such a teacher.  I believe in the power of music to bring joy, inspiration and truth to our students and families.  I think music saturates humanity so deeply that music education is essential to understanding what it means to be human.  Not only can it help us empathize with those around us, but it can also help make connections between subjects, languages, cultures and other challenging barriers in ways that other studies simply cannot.

    My goal is to inspire and challenge young people toward meaningful lives of compassion, service and personal growth.  Though I strongly believe in the power of music, I am less interested in turning out musicians so much as I desire to equip and empower intentional, mindful citizens, contributing members of society and future leaders.


  •  Per.  Class
    Regular Schedule

     Early Release

    (ACT Wednesdays)

    --- Chamber Choir 8:15-9:00 ---
    0 Advisory 9:20-9:35 9:20-9:35
    1 Con Brio 9:39-10:32 9:39-10:17
    2 Music Appreciation  10:36-11:29 10:21-10:59
    3 Cantori 11:29-12:29 10:59-11:59
    --- 3rd Lunch 12:33-12:59 11:33-12:35
    4  Sonous 1:03-1:56 12:39-1:17
    5  OVES Band 2:25-2:55 ---
    6 Prep 2:55-3:50 1:11-2:35
     * Some days have unique schedules due to assemblies and other events.  Please call Wendy Claar at (360) 412-4770 for day-to-day updates.