How to Activate School Messenger InfoCenter

  • InfoCenter allows you to view and listen to messages from your school or district, add, delete and verify your contact information, and personalize how you receive these communications. InfoCenter is your school message Inbox! 
    There are two ways to access InfoCenter:


    You will need to use the email address that Student Records has on file. If you do not remember the email address or do not have an email address, please contact your school
    You will be asked to activate the account with an email sent from School Messenger. Click the activation link in the email, choose a password and that's it!


    When you first sign into InfoCenter, you may receive the following prompt asking for consent to send messages. This consent is required for all phone numbers on file.  Your selection will be saved for each of your phone numbers, but you can change them at any time through Preferences.  We recommend you spend a few minutes thinking about and reviewing your notification preferences.
    Permission Pop-Up 01  
    Once you've logged in, you will be taken to your messages. A full tutorial is available once you've logged in by selecting "HELP" in the top-right corner.