• Academic

    • The Learning Network - The New York Times has an educational blog with information for teachers, students, and parents.  Including lesson plans, activity sheets, quizzes, word of the day, and articles.
    • Khan Academy - watch instructional videos, set personal goals, and extend your math skills! 
    • CoolMath4Kids - fun and engaging ways to improve your math skills!
    • Free Rice - increase your English vocabulary while donating to the World Food Program for free!
    • Timberland Regional Library - our wonderful public library system.  You can find and reserve books online for pickup at your convenience.


    • Teen Link - is a branch of the state's Crisis Clinic specifically for teens to call and talk to another trained teen about what is going on in their life and find local resources.  The lines are open every night from 6pm to 10pm (even holidays). Their phone number is 866-teenlink. 
    • Crisis Clinic - is a non-profit organization in Mason and Thurston counties that offers resources and support to community members.  The telephone service provides immediate, confidential assistance to those in emotional distress and in need of help.  Their number is 360-586-2800.
    • Youth Help Line - the Mason & Thurston counties Crisis Clinic has a help line specifically for young people who are in emotional distress or in need of immediate help.  Their number is 360-586-2777. 
    • Teens Health - provides health and wellness information for teenagers.  All the information is strictly educational, and does not provide any medical advice. 
    • The Trevor Project - is a national crisis and suicide prevention helpline for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth.  The helpline is a free and confidential service that offers help and someone to talk to 24/7.  Trained counselors listen and understand without judgment. 866-4-U-Trevor. 
    • Self Injury Outreach and Support - resources for someone who currently self-injures, has recovered from self-injury, or wants to help someone who self-injures.  Includes information for families, partners, friends, educators and mental health professionals. 
    • Parent Help 123 - this site finds services and programs in Washington State for food, health clinics, medical/health care resources, housing and utilities, and much more.
    • Low Cost Internet Offerings - Comcast and Century Link offer low-cost internet for income-eligible families. 


    • College Board - find more information about college and college entrance exams.
    • You Can Go - this site provides inspirational stories about kids who thought they could not go to college.  It also provides information regarding college options, nearby colleges, and steps to get there. 
    • Washington Career Bridge - explore careers, view job trends, and find out where to get an education based on your career interests.