2020 Grand Prize Bookmarks!

  • Congrats to the winners of the 2020 annual student art Bookmark Contest for Lacey Loves to Read!
    Grand Prize Winners: 
    • Kevin, Pleasant Glade, Kindergarten
    • Alaina, South Bay, 2nd Grade
    • Jennifer, Lakes, 5th Grade
    • Sierra, Komachin, 8th Grade
    • Josie, Northwest Christian, 9th Grade
    • Tommy, North Thurston, 12th Grade

    All winners will have their bookmarks printed and distributed at local schools, sponsor locations, and the Lacey Timberland Regional Library.

2020 Grand Prize Winning Bookmarks

  • Kevin - Kindergarten, Pleasant Glade, Grand Prize Winning Bookmark Alaina, 2nd Grade, South Bay Elementary, Grand Prize Winning Bookmark Jennifer, 5th Grade, Lakes, Reading is Sweet with a hand-drawn donut Sierra, 8th Grade, Komachin - a drawn student with the thought bubble "Words, I am surrounded by thousands of words..." Josie, 9th Grade, NW Christian HS Winning Bookmark Tommy, 12th Grade, North Thurston High School, Grand Prize Winning Bookmark