2022 Grand Prize Winners!

  • Congrats to the winners of the 2022 annual student art Bookmark Contest for Lacey Loves to Read!

    Grand Prize Winners:

    • Adisyn, Northwest Christian High, 5th Grade
    • Emily, Olympic View Elementary, 4th Grade
    • Finley, Aspire Middle, 7th Grade
    • Malani, Chambers Prairie Elementary, 1st Grade
    • Peyton, Lakes Elementary, 2nd Grade
    • Zoë, North Thurston High, 12th Grade

    All winners will have their bookmarks printed and distributed at local schools, sponsor locations, and the Lacey Timberland Regional Library.

2022 Grand Prize Winning Bookmarks

  • Adisyn, Northwest Christian, 9th Grade: Imagination over rainbow, sky, space, and books floating in themEmily, Olympic View Elemtnary, 4th Grade: Dragon reading a book, wearing glasses.Finley, Aspire Middle School: Dragon flying above someone reading a book under a treeMalani, Chambers Prairie, 1st Grade: Cute dog face with the words 'I Like to Read Books"Peyton, Lakes Elementary, 2nd Grade: Read with Love written in the sky with an open sign, and a book gift-wrapped.Zoe, North Thurston, 12th Grade: Dragon over a castle, and a girl with a baby dragon on her shoulder, reading a book.

2022 Elementary Bookmark Winners

  • Ellie, Horizons Elementary, 1st Grade: A princess crayon drawing with a book & a castle in the backgroundBailey, Woodland, Kindergarten: A person with a book under a tree and the words 'I HEART books'James, Lydia Hawk, 2nd Grade: An octopus reading a book underwater.Jazlenne, Mountain View, 3rd Grade: A character reading a book (wearing a monocle) standing in their library.Kinsley, Evergreen Forest, 4th Grade: Get Lost in Your Book written over a rainbow and trees coming out of an open book.Koi, Seven Oaks, 5th Grade: A dragon made of fire, and the words 'Reading is Fire'Leah, South Bay, 5th Grade: A dragon with butterfly wings reading a book at night in front of their home in the hill.Shea, Lacey Elementary, 4th Grade: A panda, holding a book, and a notepad that says 'ideas' and the words 'Reading is Awesom!Stella, Community Winner, Faith Lutheran, 5th Grade: a Brandon Mull quote on a hand-drawn tree with the words on the branchesViolet, Pleasant Glade, Kindergarten: a person, holding a book with a sun in the sky and an ice cream cone.

2022 Secondary School Winning Bookmarks

  • Evelyn, River Ridge, 11th Grade: a woman reading a book and imagining slaying a dragonFinn, Envision, 10th Grade: a Fire Griffon sitting at a table in a coffee shop reading a book.Hannah, Nisqually, 7th Grade: A girl reading under a tree - all lines are quotes from books.Logan, Chinook, 7th Grade: graffiti over flames forming the words 'WICKED BOOKS'Melanie, Timberline, 11th Grade: A frog sitting on a rock, next to a pond, reading a book.Mira, Komachin, 7th Grade: a girl curled up in a dragon's tail reading a book and the words 'Reading is Magic'Samantha, Salish, 6th Grade: A rainbow-colored eye, close-up, and books floating around it.