2023 Grand Prize Winners!

  • Congrats to the winners of the 2023 annual Lacey Loves to Read student art Bookmark Contest!

    Grand Prize Winners:

    • Abigail, Seven Oaks Elementary, 5th Grade
    • Christopher, Lydia Hawk Elementary, Kindergarten
    • Isabella, Faith Lutheran, 8th Grade
    • Owen, Pleasant Glade Elementary, 3rd Grade
    • Serena, North Thurston High, 12th Grade
    • Tiffany, Komachin Middle, 8th Grade

    All winners will have their bookmarks printed and distributed at local schools, sponsor locations, and the Lacey Timberland Regional Library.

2023 Grand Prize Winning Bookmarks

  • Abigail, 5th grade, Seven Oaks Elementary. Child sitting on pile of books with the quote "Books are as super as super heroes! Christopher, Lydia Hawk Elementary, Kindergarten. A drawing of a child holding a book and a heart symbol next to 'book'. Isabella, Faith Lutheran, 8th Grade. Mushroom house with lanterns and a sign 'reading is dreaming with your eyes open'. Owen, Pleasant Glade Elementary, 3rd grade. Super hero drawing with bubble "I love to read". Serena, North Thurston, 12th Grade. Fireflies leaving a jar into the night sky. Tiffany, Komachin Middle, Lacey Loves to Read and a sunset with a dinosaur carrying a book.

2023 Elementary Bookmark Winners

  • Addison, South Bay Elementary, 5th Grade. Mountain scene with the words 'Lacey Loves to Read The Honest Truth" Emilia, Olympic View Elementary, 3rd Grade. Library with rolling ladder and the words 'A library is full of magic'. Gabriel, Meadows Elementary, 4th Grade. Dinosaur face, open-mouthed next to words 'Crave reading'. Isabella, Chambers Prairie, 4th Grade. Tornado leaving a book with the words 'reading will take you into a new world!' Jon, Lacey Elementary, 2nd Grade. Smiling books with arms and legs in the sky with grass on the bottom of the scene. Kai, Lakes Elementary, 5th Grade, Planet with alien and astronaut on the surface below the words 'Lacey Loves to Read'. Lillian, Woodland Elementary, 5th Grade. Flying horse, mushroom, heart, above a book, with the words 'the magic of Reading'. Milla, Horizons, 4th Grade. Cat reading a book laying on a pile of books with the title "Lacey Loves to Read" Sophia, Mountain View Elementary, 1st Grade. Rainbow background, colorful pattern, drawing of a child holding a book.

2023 Secondary School Winning Bookmarks

  • Ahryahnna, Chinook, 8th grade. Skulls and skeletons as a background to the words "Read Till I Die" Ailey, River Ridge, 10th Grade. School bus front with words 'Reading takes you a remarkable journeys' Ashe, Timberline, 9th grade. Monarch butterfly wing and the words 'Lacey Loves to Read'. Avery, Salish, 6th Grade. Scar island cover in front of face with crying eye and rainbow colors. Carmin, Aspire, 7th Grade. Hand holding flowers with books & pages and the words 'Lacey Loves to Read' Jenna, Summit, 7th Grade. Donuts in background, and words "Donut Say No to Reading" Samarra, Nisqually, 6th Grade. Figure in holding book, smiling with flowered background with words 'Lacey Loves to Read'. Victoria, Envision, 12th Grade. Frog on reclining lawn chair with sunglasses and books around. "Lacey Loves to Read"

2023 Community Winners

  • Logan, Faith Lutheran, 5th Grade. 'Driving toward something is better than driving away from something." -Dan Gemeinhart