Online Tech Tools for Class Projects

  • Consider a place to share your project. Google Sites might be the place to share your web link with others.
    Prezi: Similar to PowerPoint, this fluid slide show allows you to add pictures, video & text. Create a free, public account by signing up hereThis is a sample Prezi by a an idea of what can be done in Prezi.
    Voki: A mini-movie of an animated character you create who talks and can share up to 30 seconds of audio. This is free & requires no registration.
    Animoto: This site allows you to create quick animated slide shows with pictures and text set to music. You can create a free trial account to use for a limited amount of time. Share your video in a variety of ways, including by embedding  the text on a web site. 
    Glogster: This site allows you to make on-line posters of information with images, video, or text.
    Flipgrid: Atool for creating & sharing short videos.