• Welcome to Beginning Automotive Service & Intermediate Automotive Service!

    Students enrolled in the beginning course will have the opportunity to learn the basics connected to being a vehicle owner and/or driver. We will cover subjects ranging from how to buy a vehicle and what the hidden expenses may be, plus we will learn how to do some of the normal "do it yourself" maintenance or light repairs the typical car owner may desire to take care of themselves. Students choosing to enroll for a 2nd semester of training in the Intermediate Automotive Service program, will work more in the shop on increasingly challenging projects, and receive training on more automitve systems and repairs. Both courses include classroom presentations and shop demonstrations, plus some hands-on learning opportunities on student and staff vehicles using shop tools and equipment. Safety is a priority! Adherence to rules and using safety precautions and personal safety equipment including appropriate dress for the shop is a must!
    A "must do" before students can work in the shop, is the completion of this Automotive Safety Test. It must be completed with a 100% score. If you miss questions, you must go back, review, and complete them correctly. the link is below, and the test is located on ProProfs.con. The state requirement is 100% Completion annually (each school year). If you take the test 1st semester and return 2nd semester for Intermediate Automotive Service, you will not have to retake the test this school year. If you were in Beginning Automotive Service last year, and are taking an Automotive Service class again this year, you will need to take this test. Last year's scores do not count for this year's grade. 
    It is a requirement that all students pass our Safety Test for the Automotive class, earning a score of 100%, prior to being able to particpate in the hands-on shop activities. Students should check their school email to obtain the sign in link and the password to take the test.
Last Modified on September 14, 2017