What is Special Education Preschool?

  • Our Preschools are designed for children with special educational needs to play and learn with typically developing peers.

    Do you think your child may have a disability?

How do I Register for Preschool?

  • Steps to Enrollment

    1. Launch Registration Gateway (fill in your state- & locally-mandated student information through a web form). 20-60 minutes
    2. Drop off paper copies of student documents directly to Student Records (6620 Carpenter Rd SE), M-F 7:30am-3:00pm.

    Eight (8) Required Documents

    • Proof of name and age of student. (1) of the following birth record documents:
    • Documentation of legal name changes (if different from name on birth record above)
    • Medically Verified Immunization Records (Required by Washington State) EXAMPLES:
      • A completed Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) signed by a healthcare provider;
      • A CIS Filled out by you or another parent/guardian with medical records attached;
      • A CIS printed by a health care provider or school from the Washington State Immunization System; OR
      • A CIS printed from MyIR (a free Dept of Health online tool), go to wa.myir.net/register to begin the signup process.
    • Proof of residency. One (1) of the following documents:
      • Current lease
      • Recent contract of sale
      • Recent Mortgage statement
      • Recent Utility bill
    • Race and Ethnicity Form (click link to download)
    • NTPS Verification of Residency Statement (click link to download)
    • Custody agreement/parenting plan/court order if parents are separated or divorced
    • Registration Gateway Signature Page (click link to download)

Start the Online Registration Process

  • Notes:

    • If you do not have internet access, please call (360) 412-4501 to use one of our district computers.
    • The information provided will become part of the student's official records and will be considered strictly confidential.
    • Because the Registration Gateway can take 20 to 60 minutes, you can save your progress and return later to finish.
    • Submitting the enrollment information online does not guarantee your student has met the requirements for admittance.

    Registration Gateway