Participation Fee Guidelines

  • North Thurston Public Schools provide high school athletic activities for eligible students.

    A fee is assessed to cover some of the costs not reimbursed by state funds. An athletic fee is required for each sport. This fee offsets the costs of school trainers, coaches, transportation to and from athletic contests, repair and reconditioning of safety equipment, and official costs.

    Students are required to pay the established fee at the time of registering for participation in an athletic activity.

    Fees will be refunded for students who are not selected to participate (cut from) in an athletic activity. Such fee(s) will not be refunded if students voluntarily leave or are dismissed from the athletic activity.

    Students transferring from the district prior to the end of an athletic activity will not be reimbursed the fee.

    Students entering the program from another district shall pay the established fee if less than 50% of the athletic season has been completed. If more than 50% of the athletic season has been completed, half of the established fee will be charged.

Current Athletic Fees

    • High School
      • $125 - Football
      • $100 - Other Sports
    • Middle School
      • $60 - All Sports
    Pay fees online or at your school office.

Entrance Fee to Events

  • An entrance fee to events is assessed at the school level. Please check with your school for entrance fee amounts.