NTPS Compassion All-Stars

  • Compassion All-Stars Logo with the words "A Compassionate Learning Community!"Compassion All-Stars is a Staff recognition program centered around compassion. Each month we gather nominations of staff members who truly go above and beyond to make our District the incredible place it is through compassion. This year, instead of focusing on a monthly trait, we will be looking for nominations that really reflect the District mission of Stronger Together. 
    Anyone can submit a nomination! Staff, administrators, volunteers, parents, community members, anyone! Please nominate individuals only, not groups. When nominating, please be as descriptive as possible and give examples whenever you can!
    Questions? Contact Alana Bradshaw at (360) 412-4898 (x40371)

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Traits of Compassion

  • While we are no longer focusing on a specific attribute of compassion each month, we would love to see nominations that support our mission Stronger TogetherTo assist you with your nominations, here are just a few examples of traits that really align with that mission.

    • Equity
    • Diligence
    • Integrity
    • Gratitude
    • Citizenship
    • Community & Environment
    • Respect
    • Courage
    • Empathy