Head Coach: Linda Huyck
    Phone:  360-412-4820
    Schedules: 20-21 Schedule
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    1. Practice times: Mon-Fri, 2:30-3:45
    2. Practice location: Main gym
    3. Prior to practice: complete attestation in Skyward and have temperature checked by a coach.
    4. Protocols once on campus:
      1. MASKS on as soon as athletes step out of their vehicles and until they get back in.
      2. Go straight to assigned location; do not wander around campus.
      3. The locker rooms should stay locked. Athletes are expected to use the rest rooms in the main commons when on campus.
      4. The training room is an option. One athlete and the athletic trainer in the room at a time. Athletes can wait six feet apart in the hall.
      5. Hopefully leave right after practice. When it works, near the end of practice, athletes can give a 15-minute heads up to their rides, letting them know when they will need to be picked up. Runners will wait in their area for rides. Coaches will be the last to leave to ensure supervision.
    5. Race schedule:
      1. Fri, Feb. 12, 3:30: RRHS vs. THS, Rainier Vista
      2. Fri, Feb. 19, 3:30: RRHS vs. CHS, RAC
      3. Fri, Feb. 26, 3:30: RRHS vs. NTHS, RAC
      4. Fri, Mar. 5, 3:30: RRHS vs. Yelm, RAC
      5. Sat, Mar. 13, 10:00: RRHS vs. OHS, LBA
      6. Sat, Mar. 20, 10:00: League Championships, TBD
    NOTE: If you are riding the bus to a game, but want to ride back with parents, you must fill out a Travel Release Form and turn into the ASB Office BEFORE the day of the game. You may fill out for the entire season.