• 3rd graders start studies with the Soprano Recorder in the fall. The recorder is a great instrument to learn because it is relatively easy to play, inexpensive and easy to take care of.

    I would like students to purchase their own Soprano Recorder if possible.

    Owning their own instrument allows students to learn about responsibility and care of instruments, to practice at home and to have the joy of owning a very inexpensive but beautiful sounding instrument that they can play when the mood strikes them.

    I have school recorders for students to use if they are unable to purchase one, school recorders do not go home with students.

    There are many places to purchase soprano recorders. You can order them online or visit one of our local music stores. A plastic Soprano Recorder is fine and will cost between $3 - $12. You also might be able to borrow one from a friend or family member. Recorders can be easily cleaned and passed on.

    Dollar store recorders are not a good option, they will not have the right tonality, you should look for brands such as Yamaha, Aulos, Hohner, Suzuki, Angel, Tudor or Zen-on.

    Any music store will carry Soprano Recorders for purchase.

    The book we use at school is The Recorder Fun Book: for Young Students by Larry Newman. I strongly suggest getting a copy for your student so that they can practice at home. You can find copies easily online.

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    Taking care of your instrument

    • Be very careful of the mouth piece, if it gets chipped your instrument will be ruined
    • Do not leave your instrument in extreme hot or cold
    • Always clean out your instrument after playing

    To Clean your instrument

    • If you use the swab, only use it on the bottom two sections, it will not pass through the mouth piece