Ebooks from Komachin

  • To get to KMS's ebook collection:

    1. Log in to Destiny with your student user name & computer password or click on the Sign in with Google bar.
    2. Click on "See All" on the eBook ribbon & scroll down until you find the book you want.
    3. Select Open to start reading.

More eBooks!

  • Access, search and download FREE audiobooks with the North Thurston Public Schools RB Digital service! 
    You'll need a special Library Access Code to set up your account--please see Ms. Matthews to register your account or access this document with your STU account to obtain your code. Once your personal account is created, you'll be able to access the audiobook catalog, search and download files to your computer and/or device.
    Also, Books Should be Free is a great source for public domain (free) audiobooks and ebooks. Lit2Go has another nice collection of public domain free e-books. This site has a nice list of other sources of free ebooks and audiobooks, including Project Gutenberg, a huge collection of public domain works.

    Other options for free or cheap e-books and audiobooks can be found at the website BookBub.com  You can sign up for their service and get an email a day with the newest free or inexpensive ebooks. Rarely do they cost more than $2.99.  Sign up for the device(s) you have and the genres you prefer.  You can also download free Nook or Kindle Apps to your device. BookBub sometimes has different offers for each of these different providers. You will need accounts with Nook or Kindle to use these apps. Watch for the deals! If you're willing to read new undiscovered authors, you can often get free books. 


SIRS Discoverer

  • Proquest SIRS Discoverer Non-Fiction eBooks - or access this from the Research tools page

    A collection of books for students to read on line. Many topics! Animals, Arts & Humanities, Biographies, Curriculum Activities, Environment, Health & Human Body, History & Government, Science, Sports, & Technology.
    If you access this from home, you'll need to log on to your Google Account & then open the page with passwords. Use the User name & Password for Proquest & SIRS Discoverer site.

    Biographies Arts Sports Human Body