• Healthy Kids - Healthy Community! (Sqord Boosters)
    A new health and fitness partnership program for NTPS 6th Graders
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    Sixth grade is a critical year in determining lifestyle patterns. National data shows a steep decline in healthy activity from 4th to 8th grade, and the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey has shown that only 1:4 6th graders in Thurston County get the 60 minutes of daily vigorous activity recommended for students aged 6-17 to support healthy fitness, bone and brain development.
    To help improve 6th grade activity, NTPS students will have the opportunity participate in Healthy Kids-Healthy Community! -- a health and fitness district pilot implemented through PE classes. Using engaging technology, this unique initiative is designed to encourage students to have fun, be more active and foster a lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

    Modeled after an already successful effort in Snohomish County called Gear Up & Go!, this partnership between North Thurston Public Schools and Providence St. Peter Hospital Foundation is unique in Thurston County. Participation is completely voluntary and comes at no cost to the student or the school district.

    Students turn in permission forms to receive a Sqord Booster, a watch-like device that translates activity into digital points in a friendly social game.

    The Booster cannot track location. It only records movement.

    Students wear their Booster during activity and sync the devices at SyncStations at the school. Activity earns them points which allows students to encourage each other in pre-written messages and play games if they wish. Parents and students can also download the app on personal devices.

    Healthy Kids-Healthy Community! focuses on two things – how much a student is moving and how often. Information collected.
    dfd will be used to follow activity progress and only the teacher will have personally identifiable information which will not be used for class assessment or grades. 

    PE teachers are the main facilitators of Healthy Kids-Healthy Community! and are encouraged to use the technology to enhance existing PE curriculum.

    Students will be able to track their own progress and activity points. Periodic games will enable students to match up and compare points with other classes as they increase their activity. See more at Sqord.com

    Safeguarding student privacy is our highest priority. Sqord complies with the Child Online Privacy Protection Act, requiring parental consent for the collection and sharing of data under the age of 13. Parents can monitor only their child’s activity by logging into their child’s account. At any time with parent request, Sqord can close an account or delete information. Every effort has been made to ensure that personally identifiable information is not available to third parties.
    Each student receives one Booster at no cost. As with other school-issued equipment, students are responsible for them. Replacement Boosters will cost about $12. Defective Pods should be turned into the PE teacher.

    Have more questions? Email healthykids@nthurston.k12.wa.us

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Last Modified on August 9, 2016