Refer a Student

  • If you are an NTPS staff member and wish to refer a student to participate in the Highly Capable Identification Process, please complete the form below by the applicable grade level deadline. Once processed, the Assessment Department will notify the student's parent/guardian of the referral by email. If the student wishes to pursue this opportunity, the parent/guardian will be required to complete the Parent/Guardian Application & Consent Form by the application deadline. If the student qualifies for the second phase of testing, a HOPE Teacher Rating Scale form will be sent to the student's teacher or completion and returned to the Assessment Department. Referrals for all grades will not be accepted after the application deadline has passed.

    Grades 2–4 Staff Referral

    Teacher Referral Form

    Guardian Referral & Consent

    Guardian Form

  • Referral Deadlines

     Grades Referral Deadline Referral Status
    Application Deadline
    for Parents/Guardians 
    Services for School Year
     K-1 October 20, 2023 CLOSED       October 31, 2023  2023-2024
     2-4 February 16, 2024 OPEN     February 28, 2024  2024-2025
     5-7 January 19, 2024 CLOSED   January 31, 2024  2024-2025
     8-11 January 19, 2024 CLOSED January 31, 2024  2024-2025