• One of the best ways to enhance what you are learning in class to to remain active in current events.  We have created a blogspot so that you can access many different news sites at any time.  If you look on the left of the blog, you will see an RSS (Real Simple Syndication) Feed, which updates itself every ten minutes.  You will be able to click on any news link and read current events from any news source you prefer.  On the right side of the blog, we will have daily work that you will do upon entering class each day.  Most of the time, the daily work will be related to the unit we are covering that week in class.  At the top of the page, you will find several tabs that will take you to links for vocabulary flash cards, political cartoons, Landmark Supreme Court Cases, Voter Registration etc.  Feel free to use this site to learn or review for tests, as we leave each post up forever! 
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