Personal Checks & Processing

  • The North Thurston Public Schools Budget and Accounting office recognizes that student fees and other charges, including meals, are often paid for by personal check.

    The District is prohibited by law, however, to extend credit or incur costs due to a bounced check or insufficient funds.

    If a check is returned from the bank, the district collection is as follows: 

    1. A statement will be sent to the individual who issued the check requesting immediate payment for the original amount of the check, and a service charge to cover bank fees incurred by the District due to the return of the check.
    2. When a check bounces or is fraudulently issued, a delay in receipt of payment may result in a referral to an appropriate agency for action (such as a collection agency).

    Families are invited to call the Budget & Accounting Office at (360) 412-4432 if you have any questions or would like to set up a payment plan due to a financial hardship

    Read more in Policy #7416 Personal Checks – Acceptance and Processing (PDF)