Preschool at North Thurston Public Schools

Preschool Announcements

Special Education Preschool

  • The majority of our Preschool students are those with special education needs (an IEP).

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    If your child is not preschool age, or you'd like to learn more about our other early learning programs & interventions:

Integrated Preschool

  • Children who do not have an IEP and are typically-developing have an opportunity to join our preschool to serve as peer models in a special needs classroom.

    Integrated Preschool is tuition-based and is available to typically-developing children 3-4 years old.

    Applications will be processed in the order received.

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    Applying families will be contacted with further instructions (tuition payments, school starting dates, waiting list, etc.).

Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child does not need special services, but I'm interested in preschool. Are there programs for me?

  • I suspect a learning disability in my 3-5 year old, what do I do?

  • My child is 3-4 years old. How do I get them screened for possible special education services?

  • I suspect my child needs special services, but is not yet 3 years old. What do I do?

  • My child is 3-5 years old, has been evaluated, and has a current IEP. How do I enroll them in Preschool?

  • What about Immunizations?