NTPS Meal Prices

Extra Free & Reduced Meal Information

  • Lunches served to children who qualify for reduced-price meals in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade will be made available at no cost. All other students (Preschool and 4th through 12th Grades) will be charged the current reduced rate.
    Those students that have been approved for Free and Reduced price meals will receive a milk with their school lunch. If they only want milk, and not the school lunch, they will be charged $.50 for the milk.
    Example:  If a students brings their lunch from home and wants to get a milk to go with it, they will need to pay $.50 for the milk.
    Example:  If a students wants an extra milk to go with their meal, they will need to pay an additional $.50 for the extra milk.
    The USDA allows school districts to choose to be either on a special meals program or a special milk program. Our district has chosen the special meals program - which also covers milk with the meal.