Health Syllabus

  • Contact Information: Terri Bader ( Phone: 412-4860, ext. 43778

    Please note: Email is the best method of contacting me. Feel free to email me anytime you have a question or concern.

    Purpose of Course: To meet the Essential Academic Learning Requirements while promoting a strong work ethic and teamwork among students. Health is also a graduation requirement for all students.

    Course Description: Health is a course designed to encourage and help young people make choices that promote physical, mental and social well-being. The course emphasizes acquiring knowledge, skills and attitudes as a means to healthy lifestyles and behaviors.

    Textbook/Resources used in class

    • Canvas educational platform
    • ZOOM video platform
    • Other materials may be mandatory upon request
    • Guest Speakers:  Speakers are invited to present to the classes on a variety of topics which deal with current issues in health
    • Videos and video clips pertinent to topics at hand


    Grades are based on the district grading scale. No missed assessments will be scheduled or permitted during finals week. 

    Teacher Expectations

    I expect you to do the assignments, pay attention, engage yourself in the topic at hand and participate.  In return, you can expect me to be prepared for class, make sure the materials and classroom activities are made as interesting as possible, and be enthusiastic in my teaching. 

    Student Expectations

    1. Respect Yourself
      1. If you don’t understand what I am asking you to do, please ask
      2. Don’t put yourself down – everyone has a bad day now and then
      3. Stay true to your values and beliefs
    2. Respect Others
      1. Abusive and offensive language and behaviors, harassment, and intimidation are unacceptable
      2. If you see someone struggling, offer help
    3. Respect Property
      1. You have been issued a chromebook and a charger for your personal use while a student at Timberline - take care of it
      2. Intellectual property is property belonging to its writers; Always use your own words and work when completing and turning in assignments unless specifically directed otherwise, then always give credit to the orginal source of information
    4. Respect Knowledge
      1. Put effort into the assignment or task
      2. Learn from what you are doing
      3. Apply the knowledge to yourself – find your connection
      4. Come to class on time, be in the ZOOM waiting room ready to be let into class when class is scheduled to begin 
      5. Be prepared and ready to work
      6. Be engaged in participate in conversations about various topics when you are comfortable doing so

    Classroom Rules

    • Be on time and in the Zoom waiting room with all necessary materials when class is scheduled to begin. Coming into the waiting room late detracts from your ability to learn and participate and takes time away from class when I have to stop to let you in and repeat instructions
    • Demonstrate a high level of maturity.
    • “NB3”  Follow the district dress code; Pajamas and sweats are considered appropriate for the virtual classroom as long as the follow the district dress code
    • Stay in virtual class and engaged until class is dismissed; typing your name into the chat box then leaving your screen to go do something else counts for attendance, but it does not count for learning

    Late Work

    • Late work will be accepted up TWO WEEKS after the assigned due date with a mandatory two point deduction from the possible high score.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to seek missing assignments in CANVAS and reach out to the teacher with any questions.
    • Two weeks after the due date, the window of opportunity to complete the assignment will close and the assignment can no longer be submitted.

    Please Note

    Parents and students will be able to access grades from their home or school if they are signed up for Family Access (call the school or go to district website for information). 

    Please be aware that teachers do not update grades every day and that a “ * ” by the assignment DOES NOT mean the assignment is missing, it simply shows the grade has not yet been entered. Grades are updated at a minimum, every two weeks.



Last Modified on October 13, 2020