School Safety & Risk Management

  • North Thurston Public School's Safety & Risk Management Department oversee all aspects of safety & risk in our District. From security protocols for schools to accident prevention for our employees, we coordinate systems, committees, and policies to ensure that our District is a safe place for students, community members, employees, and more.

School Safety

  • School Safety is a top priority for our district. We are continuously making improvements to all of our facilities including entry ways, window covers, door locks, and more.

    Every school has a safety plan and performs practice drills at least annually for fire, intruders, earthquakes, etc. We are currently testing computerized lockdown systems which could improve our ability to initiate and manage a lockdown, saving valuable time which is crucial to the safety our school communities.

    Our overall focus is to keep students and staff safe in a positive learning environment! Download our Safety Information Card to learn more about what we do as a District and what you can do as parents to keep our students safe!

Risk Management

  • Risk Management oversees the district's Loss Prevention Program including district insurance coverage and Auto and Property Loss. The department is  responsible for the district's Accident Prevention Program and keeping the district in compliance with city, county and state codes for health, fire, and safety.

    The overall focus of the Risk Management is to eliminate safety hazards for staff and students and protect district property.