Woodland's Self Manager Program

  • At Woodland Elementary all students work toward becoming Self Managers. When they have demonstrated they are RESPECTFULRESPONSIBLE, and SAFE school-wide, their teachers nominate them to be Self Managers. All specialists, recess staff, and support staff must approve the nominations. When approved, students receive a special tag to put on their lanyard. Self Managers have monthly group pictures taken which are displayed in the hallway and they participate in monthly celebrations. They are also recognized at assemblies and in our newsletters.




    Appropriate voice level Demonstrating expectations Walking in learning zone
    Personal space Following directions Hands and feet to self
    Being kind Being considerate Clean up after self
    Being polite Turning in school work Use equipment properly
    Download a checklist for your child to self-assess their behavior:

What is PBIS?

  • The Self Manager program is part of the District PBIS initiative. The focus of Positive Behavioral Intervention & Support (PBIS) is to provide a clear and consistent system of expected behaviors for each student in our school. 

    We have created set expectations for student behavior in the classroom, hallways, restrooms, lunch line, and on the playground. These expectations are taught and reinforced throughout the school year using consistent language for each grade level. Emphasis is on reinforcing positive behavior and providing students with the tools necessary to be successful at school and to lay the foundation to become a productive citizen.

PBIS Video

Woodland Expectations

  • Classrooms: Students are expected to listen to directions/instructions, work quietly, respect other's property, use respectful words, have materials ready, and stay focused and on-task.

    Hallways & Common Areas: Students are expected to have "0" voices and quiet feet so that students in surrounding classrooms do not have their learning experience interrupted. When in the hallways and common areas, Woodland students will go directly to their destination and follow staff directions. They should stay to the right.

    Restrooms: Woodland students are expected to respect privacy, wash hands with soap, and dry hands when using the restroom. Students will use a "0" voice as go directly back to class.

    Playground: When at recess or on the playground, students are expected to be kind to others. Students should play in assigned areas, follow the equipment safety rules, and invite others to join in the fun. Students are expected to walk quietly through the learning zone so as not to disturb other classes. They are also expected to wear a coat with a hat or hood in the rain.

Inappropriate Behavior

  • When a student does not follow the Woodland Expectations (Respectful, Responsible, Safe) they may receive a Behavior Concern for a minor offense (ex. not following directions). We request that a parent or guardian sign the form and the student return the form to their teacher the next school day. For continued minor offenses or a major offense, an Office Referral will be written, and a parent/guardian will receive a phone call from the principal letting them know of the details and the consequences.