Enviornmental Science
    Credit Rubric


    10%    (1)       PERFORMANCE OCCUPATIONAL:  (Lab Notebook Required)

    (a) Work Habits: Time management, Tracking sheet, Planner. On Time, On Task, Purpose for Learning!  Behavior in class

    (b) Communication: Career, Job Application, Work Hrs. Demonstrating quality work habits for today’s careers.

    (c) Preparedness: Portfolio, resume, and career Pathway.  Documentation of intended career!

    (d) Leadership Club activities; FFA, etc. active member, Using reading and writing to define our direction in CTE pathways.


     30%   (2)        ACTION DAILY WORK/ ACTIVITIES: 


                              (a) Community Service Activity; 1 CS activity/quarter.

                              (b) Lab Operational Equipment skills; 20-safety skills/quarter

    (c) Vocabulary/ Review:  Weekly Review

    (d) Core Studies: Science, Landscape Principle activities.     Base Line for developing science learning skills.

    (e) Exploration Research: Reading, vocabulary, Journal & Note Book


    20%    (3)        LAB/ ACTIVITY

                                        (a) Unit Lab

                                        (b) Unit Activities

                                        (c) Note Book


    30%    (4)        ASSESSMENT &  LAB PROJECT:  (SAEP)


            (a) Project; proposal, draft, product, experience paper.

                              (b) Exit Interview, employability profile, Final Exam.

    (c) Certification; Discovery program test, individual national certification pathway tests, Safety Test.


    10%    (5)        LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES:


    (a)                Extra approved Community Service Projects.

    (b)               After School Land Lab service projects.

    (c)                Other approved activities involving occupational programs including job shadowing.

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