• (Course outline including requirements and grade % equivalents.)

    Meets Science, Occupational and General Elective requirements.



    Biology Objectives include being able to:

    *  Be familiar with the natural world and recognize both its diversity and its unity.

    *  Understand key concepts and principles of science.

    *  Develop curiosity.  This curiosity provides a foundation for questioning, exploring,

         experimenting, and experiencing the excitement of discovery.


    Textbooks:  BSCS Biology, A Human Approach,  and Reference books


    Grades:   I will be using the 4 point system of grading.  See expectation sheet for grading criteria.

    Make-up Work

     You are responsible for any work missed.  Look at  my website for assignments.

    Tests and quizzes must be completed within one week.

    Laboratories will be rescheduled with the instructor for after school. 
    Homework can be turned in the number of days a student has missed under the attendance policy.  
    Late work is 50% off.
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