• Welcome to Algebra 1! In this class, students will build on their skills of graphing, solving, and writing equations. They will learn how these skills can help them to model and analyze real-world problems. The curriculum that students will be using in this course is the EngageNY curriculum, which was developed to meet the Common Core State Standards.



    As with any subject, mathematics requires specific supplies for students to be successful. The supplies required for the Algebra 1 class are:
    1. Calculator - The recommended calculators for this course will be useful for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

    Texas Instruments:

    TI - 30XIIS ($10 - $15) - A good, general use scientific calculator. Has features that are necessary for statistics and allows students to enter fractions.
    TI - 30XS MultiView ($15 - $20) - Another good, general use scientific calculator with a more user-friendly viewing screen and some additional features that are helpful for statistics and other algebra concepts.
    I do NOT recommend the TI - 30Xa. This calculator is a bit less user-friendly for students to input expressions and lacks some of the necessary features for statistics. It can be used, but if possible I would recommend investing in one of the other calculators listed above.
    Other Brands:
    There are a variety of calculators made by Casio, Hewlett-Packard and others that have all of the functions necessary for Algebra Support and Algebra 1. However, I may not be able to provide support for students to use all of the functions needed for Algebra 1. If students have their instruction booklet with them I will do my best to support them in using their calculator.
    2.  Pencils, Erasers, and Lead - Students should have a good supply of pencils, erasers, and lead (for mechanical pencils).
    3.  Three-Ring Binder - 1.5 inches to 2 inches. The binder will be used to organize notes and assignments.
    4.  Binder Tabs - A pack of five tabs to aid in organizing the binder.
    5.  Notebook Paper
    6.  Graph Paper (If possible) - Students will be graphing regularly throughout the year and having quick access to graph paper will be helpful.



Last Modified on August 30, 2018