• .    Anatomy and Physiology

    Anatomy is the structure and physiology is the function of the human body that is covered in this semester course. This class moves rapidly and covers the systems in the body, blood, electrolytes, and homeostasis. There is considerable memorization; flash cards often assist students in leaning the material in a more complete and in depth manner.
    Participation is necessary and required on a daily basis. As a student, you may be asked to work in a team or two, three, four, or as a group. A student may be asked to lead the whole group or a small group. A variety of assessment tools are used to assess aquistion of knowledge or the need to reteach in a different manner. This class uses Holes Anatomy and Physiology 8th edition. Students will check out a book to have at home and one is available in the classroom. Various websites are utilized to enhance student knowledge and understanding. Some assignments will require students to access the internet to complete a virtual lab. 
    Bring to class daily:
        1. Notebook
        2. Pen (blue or black)
        3. Pencil
        4. Plain paper (for drawings and labs)
        5. College ruled paper
        6. 3 x 5 cards
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