What Visitors are Saying about Kids at Hope

    • This was a great experience and I have become very inspired. Meadows students, you can make a difference in this world and that is what we need. I hope to come back to visit! Thank you so much for having us!  -Abby Maneman, Saint Martin's University
    • I thoroughly enjoyed my tour today. Cheyanne and Lisa did a wonderful job!  I am excited about all of the excellent things going on at your school.  I can't wait to visit again!  -Shanaiah Joyce,  Kids At Hope, Pacific Lutheran University
    • It is amazing to see Meadows working with hope.  The minute you walk on campus you can see how important hope is to everyone here. There are so many wonderful things going on here and I'm so glad that I got to be a part of it today.  Thank you?  -Alyssa Slate, Saint Martin's University
    • Visiting Meadows has been such a positive experience that I will be smiling all day. The Ambassadors of Hope are wonderful representatives and hosts.  Thank you!  -Thomas Woodruff, PhD, Saint Martin's University
    • I wish my elementary school was as supportive as this one.  The students are so friendly and bright.  If this could spread to Middle and High Schools I cannot imagine how it would change the atmosphere.  -Logan Weatherbee, Saint Martin's University  
    • I have toured a lot of schools and I have never felt what I felt when I walked into this school.  The feeling I got from the students and teachers was unbelievable, there is something truly amazing happening here.   -Edward Prince, Executive Director for Washington State Commission on African American Affairs
    • I want to thank you very much for the opportunity to visit your school.  My two Ambassadors and guides, Marquis and Lisa did a great job talking about the many things you do to build a culture of encouragement.  It truly was a treasure hunt.  I have been in many classrooms and seldom seen so many focused students and happy teachers.  I have never seen a school so filled with them. The experience made me feel much more hopeful that all schools can become a safe and kind place to inspire a community of learners.  Keep doing what you are doing, it appears to be working.  -Dan Ryder, Education Advocate, Readiness to Learn
    • I feel the hope, respect and optimism in your school.  The kids seem happy! I am so impressed!  -Karen Shanks, Blix Elementary -Tacoma Public Schools
    • I loved seeing the students on task, well behaved. Our tour guides, Ambassadors of Hope, were wonderful, knowledgeable and fun! Thanks! I am amazed by the miles (track) records!  -Clara Stewart, Blix Elementary - Tacoma Public Schools
    • Thank you  for an extraordinary morning at Meadows.  The student Ambassadors were well prepared, knowledgeable and passionate about why Meadows is such a special place.  A capable and caring staff and amazing students made my day. Thanks!  -Dan Barkley, Foundation for Tacoma Schools
    • I have really enjoyed the positive attitude in your school.  PE, Music, poetry add so much to children's health and life prep.  Keep up the good work.  Success!  -Kathy Crokiewicz, Visiting Grandmother
    • Thanks to our Ambassadors I was able to time travel!  They are so clear about their future, their connection to home and family, future education and career plans, commitment to service and community, and exploration through hobbies and recreation.  I loved their empowerment language and leadership.  -Rachel Smith-Mosel, Tacoma Public Schools

What Students are Saying about Kids at Hope

    • The Treasure Hunters here have shown compassion, understanding, and total peacefulness. They support us and teach us. Take it like this, we are clay and they help mold us into beautiful sculptures. -Former Sixth Grade Student of 2012
    • I feel like a Kid at Hope because I'm accepted and greeted everyday by safe friendly faces.  The school has done so much for me and so has the Kids at Hope system.  I will never forget the warm faces of Treasure Hunters and the friendly kids and hope around me.  -Former Sixth Grade Student 2012
    • Meadows isn't just a school, it's a Kids at Hope school. This school didn't just help me learn but it helped me understand me.  It helped me make new friends, be more caring, be nicer. -Former Sixth Grade Student 2012
    • Kids at Hope is one of the best things that has happened at Meadows and I hope the future generations of Meadows will keep it going strong. -Former Sixth Grade Student 2012
    • I am a Kid at Hope. We are all Kids at Hope and when I say that it's not just a statement; behind it is a meaning. A Kid at Hope is someone who is glorious in their own way. -Former Sixth Grade Student 2012