College Resources

  • Below are a few resources for you to access and view if you are thinking about going to college after high school.
    • Big Future by The College Board is a great resource to narrow down college choices or explore school and major options.
    • CollegeView is a website that features articles and helpful information on a range of topics from the application process to financial aid and more.
    • Number 2 offers students access to comprehensive free online test preparation courses for the SAT, ACT, and GRE.
    • NCAA Clearinghouse offers a guide for student athletes.  If you are thinking of playing sports in college, it is important that you become familiar with this site.
    • AP Credit Policies gives a list of which colleges award AP credit and how it is transferred in. 
    • Fair Test provides a list of schools that do not use SAT or ACT scores for admissions. 

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