Counseling Center Contacts

  • Your counselors are available to assist you with your academic and personal needs while providing resources for career and educational planning. Counseling and Guidance services are an essential part of the education of all students. Our vision is to create an environment where students are supported and encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and life-long goals. Our mission is to utilize our unique knowledge and skills to enhance students' social and emotional growth in order to prepare them for academic and career success.

    Counseling Center Staff:


    Brooke De Leon, Counseling Secretary 360-412-4810; Fax: (360) 412-4819,


    Sarah Smith, Registrar 360-412-4811


    Belle Mills, Scheduler 360-412-4808


    Karyn Gunderson , Counselor (Last names A - C) 360-412-4816


    Amy Lewis, Counselor (Last names D-H) 360-412-4571


    Katie VandenBerg, Counselor (Last names I-Mo) 360-412-4810


    Janna Bronemann, Counselor (Last names Mp-Sa) 360-412-4813


    Morgan Wagner, Counselor (Last Names Sb-Z) 360-412-4815


    Mandy Garrison, Mental Health Specialist 360-412-4592


    Heather Mirr, School Psychologist (A - Z, students with  IEP's) 360-412-4800 x41043





Last Modified on April 29, 2020