Dear Students,
    Every year, I have around 100 - 130 juniors in my AP English classes. Most of them want to attend a four-year college, and thus need a letter of recommendation from a teacher. In the last couple years, the number of letters I have been asked to write has increased dramatically - to the point where I have agreed to write dozens of letters every fall. Unfortunately, I have found that I just cannot keep up that pace, and so I have had to look for ways to limit the letters that I agree to write.
    In order for me to write letters that are the most meaningful, for the students that I know best, I have decided that I must limit myself to:
    • Students who work as my teaching assistants
    • Officers in National Honor Society
    • Students in my 11-12 AVID class
    • Students who earned a 5 on the AP English Language Exam 
    Believe me, it pains me to have to set these limits. However, I am confident that if you do not fall into one of the categories above, then you will still be able to find caring, articulate adults at Timberline who can write you excellent letters of recommendation. If you do fall into one of the categories above, come talk to me about a letter FIRST, and THEN go ahead and fill out the form below:


Last Modified on August 24, 2020