Instructional Materials Adoption

  • At NTPS, quality instructional materials such as textbooks and workbooks serve as an essential part of effective teaching and learning. They are an important part of helping our students achieve success in the classroom.

    The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) meets several times a year and is composed of teachers, librarians, and community members. They work to select, review, and approve (or request reconsideration) of core and supplemental instructional materials used in our classrooms. See District Policy 2020 and Procedure 2020P (Course Design, Selection, and Adoption of Instructional Materials).

    For information regarding materials on the District's approved instructional material list, ask your school's principal or contact Jennifer Hancock at or 360-412-4416.

Instructional Materials Committee

  • The Instructional Materials Committee reviews instructional materials recommended for use in schools in accordance with district policy. The committee examines and evaluates instructional materials and makes recommendations to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services regarding the adoption of materials. The IMC also hears requests for reconsideration of instructional materials.

    The IMC consists of three teachers, two teacher-librarians, a principal, a representative from the North Thurston Education Association, and four community representatives, one each representing high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, and the community at large.

    The IMC meets ten times a year, with additional meetings as necessary. Committee members must be willing to read and review several books and online resources and evaluate the materials using established criteria. It is critical that committee members be able to read and evaluate assigned materials prior to the scheduled meetings. This is a volunteer position.

    Current Openings

    • Elementary Librarian
    • High School Teacher

    For further information or to apply, please submit a letter or email of interest to Sarah Rich, Assistant Superintendent, at

    Please include the following information in your letter or email:

    • name, physical address, and email address
    • position for which you are applying
    • your qualifications and why are you interested in serving

    The Superintendent will select from among the applicants for IMC membership and recommend those persons to the NTPS Board of Directors for approval.

Active Committee Members

  • Sarah Rich / Chairperson, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services

    Katie Baydo-Reed / Middle School Teacher, Komachin
    Karen Edwards / Community Member, at large
    Angela Farley / High School Librarian, River Ridge
    Katrina Groen / Principal, North Thurston
    Jennifer Hancock / Administrative Specialist
    Amy Jones / Elementary School Teacher, Mountain View
    Vicky Lamoreaux / Community Member, High School
    Irene Miller / Community Member, Elementary School
    Conni Van Hoose / District Apex Teacher, NTEA Representative
    Antoinette Walker / Community Member, Middle School

IMC Meeting Information

  • Location: NTPS District Office, Room 220

    Time: 4:15–5:45 pm

    2023-24 Meeting Dates:
    • August 17
    • September 21
    • October 12
    • November 7
    • January 9
    • March 5
    • April 16
    • May 7
    • June 11
    • August 13

Public Review

  • Materials under review may be viewed at the Instructional Services Office by appointment.

    Jen Hancock