NTPS Highly-Capable Program

  • At NTPS, we want to develop the special abilities of all our students, and we offer highly-capable services to help identify Kindergarten through 12th grade students who would benefit from accelerated learning and enhanced instruction. See Policy 2190

    We want to help our students:

    • expand academic and intellectual skills;
    • stimulate intellectual curiosity, independence, and responsibility;
    • develop a positive attitude toward self and others; and 
    • develop originality and creativity.

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More about the Hi-Cap Program

  • Characteristics of the Highly Capable Student

  • Eligibility

  • K-5 Elementary School Highly Capable Service Options

  • 6-8 Middle School Highly Capable Service Options

  • 9-12 High School Highly Capable Service Options

  • Re-testing for Highly Capable Service Options