NTPS Department of Instructional Services

  • Student learning is the center of all we do in North Thurston Public Schools.  We are dedicated to providing every student the academic and life skills necessary to succeed in a diverse world.  Supporting the "whole child" is a core value of ours too.  Building on these values, we strive to be a place where equity and inclusion are integral parts of all that we do.  We are a thriving school district who produces engaged and successful graduates.
    The future of our country, our world, and our community, depends upon what happens in our schools.  Teachers and our support staff are virtually limitless in their capacity to touch lives.They assist our students in gaining  knowledge and skills and  urge students to pursue their dreams. Considering that on average teachers affect 3,000 kids over the course of their careers, the ripple effect of even a single teacher's impact can be astounding. Our teachers and support staff are great! They impact the lives of our students each and everyday!