Equity Pledge

  • We are Komachin Middle School! As a community, we pledge to help create a safe and effective school environment for all. We strive to protect each other from harassment, abuse, and mistreatment. We will create an environment in which it is safe for people to learn, and to express themselves, their individuality, and their identity. Together we promise to speak up for justice, demand equity, value diversity in our community, and foster inclusion through daily actions of kindness, compassion, and empathy.

Welcome to Komachin Middle School!

What makes Komachin unique

  • Komachin has a legacy of partnering with the community through a variety of learning grants, activities, and programs.

    • Komachin has a strong academic focus on the integration of science, technology, engineering, and math in both the core curricular programs and through unique enrichment course offerings.
    • Our PTA is very active in supporting programs and activities such as PBIS, the book fair, and multiple classroom grants.
    • Taylor Shellfish, LOTT, and South Sound Green help fund science and enrichment field trips.
    • Students participate in an annual Day of Caring by providing community service through over 30 projects in partnership with local non-profit organizations and other community agencies and businesses.
    • Our students have developed and maintain an on-site garden where they grow and harvest food, which is shared with local food banks with support from local businesses and other agencies.

Current Goals

  • Academic Gap Goal:

    • The percentage of 6–8th grade students meeting expectations on the 2024 math SBA will increase by at least 10% compared to last year’s math SBA results in each grade level.

    Behavior Gap Goals:

    • During the 2nd semester of the 2022-23 school year, 70% of Komachin middle school students had “at risk or chronic” attendance. In 2023-24, we will decrease the percentage of KMS students with "at risk or chronic" attendance to our pre-COVID rates of 50% or less as measured by the 2nd semester attendance data.

    Download the whole School Improvement Plan >> (PDF) Updated spring 2024

Community Involvement

Our Mission

  • Mission: “Making a difference today...to make a difference for tomorrow.” Our staff is committed to academic excellence embedded in a philosophy that supports and nurtures the whole child as we prepare them for high school and beyond. Our school is characterized as a community of learners, with integrated instruction and curriculum, personalized learning, and a quality staff dedicated to the success of all students. Smaller learning communities called Dens are organized with teams of advisors and content teachers to support the unique needs of middle school-aged students.

Partner in Education

Community Feedback


  • To view Enrollment Statistics, Demographics, and State Test Scores, view the Washington OSPI Report Card.


Komachin's Building History

  • Komachin Middle School was built in 1992 on 29.3 acres. It is located at 3650 College Street SE in Lacey. The 89,360 square foot building, including 43 instructional spaces, plus 8 portable classrooms, serves grades 6-8. In 2010, as part of the City’s Mullen Road Extension project, the City upgraded the school’s parking lot and driveways, creating new access and improving traffic flow for parents and staff. In 2011, energy-efficient lighting upgrades were completed in the gym utilizing state energy grant funds. A new roof was completed in 2016. In 2020, a full modernization project with phases 1 & 2 to be completed in 2022, followed by a phase 3 classroom addition in 2023.